BOOTCAMP Challenges

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Challenge #1: LOGIN, CREATE, CREATE!

  • Connect to the host BC on HACTRN.ORG via ssh, telnet or tvcon
  • :PRINT your own directory on DSK:
  • :CREATE a TURD FILE in BC:BTCMP; with a file name being your USER name

    Questionable Thoughts

  • How do you get the terminal's attention in tvcon or telnet?
  • Did you remember to LOGOUT?

    Total possible score: 18pts

  • 6pts for logging in
  • 6pts for creating your home directory
  • 6pts for dropping a TURD in the appropriate place
  • 3pts BONUS available via Live Stream

    Challenge #2: INQUIR, MAKE CONTACT!

  • Successfully add your NAME and other (publically comfortable) information
    CQ CONTEST NOV 1st 00:00:00 UTC - NOV 4th 23:59:59 UTC
  • Send at least one "CQ" message to any user that is logged in on BC or HX
  • Respond to at least one "CQ" message with a "QSL" and receive "73" reply
  • For messages received, log unique contacts in BC:BTCMP; in a file USER QSOLOG (Where USER is your LOGIN name)
  • Format for logfile: SEQ,TYP,HST,DD-MMM-YYYY HH:MM:SS,USER,COMMENTS (ex: 1,CQ,BC,31-OCT-2023 19:40:45,ZIPPY,Are we having FUN YET?)

    Questionable Thoughts

  • What commands use information from INQUIR?
  • What command displays information of a user on a remote system?

    Total possible score: 9pts (or more!)

  • 3pts for your DATA ENTRY work
  • 6pts for logging your first contact (you must reply QSL and receive 73 for a successful contact)
  • 1pt for each unique QSO you make during the contest