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HACTRN.ORG is a Public Access Incompatible Timesharing System hosted by the
SDF Public Access UNIX System.  Access to our ITS is made freely available
and we occassionally run boot camps to help new users understand the concepts
and reasons why ITS might be fun for you.

The history of ITS at SDF follows the TWENEX.ORG project which was has its
beginnings with a DECSYSTEM-2020 (KS10) that was made surplus by the 
University of Washington in 1994.  The first ITS system run here was under
KS10 simulation in 2000.

Our current system is HX and runs under PDP-10 KA10 simulation with a TV11
to allow Knight TV access.  A client called tvcon is available and
highly recommended for the best user experience.  TELNET access is available
but only for those who cannot run tvcon.